Why do we need water purifier?

Why do we need water purifier?

Water being a vital resource in our life, it is essential to have access to pure water. The need for water purifier, especially in urban areas, is growing. But the perennial question that everybody has (before buying a water purifier) is ‘do we actually need a water purifier?’

The answer is simple and straight forward – Does your drinking water have impurities? 

Fine, how do we know is it carrying impurities?

We can, certainly, find it out with some tools and methods. But can we ensure or guarantee that the water we drink is always pure and safe? In rainy season, the colour of our water could change and contain sediments. The pipelines carrying water could get rusted overtime and it could pollute the water. One can argue that the water supply providers process the water and purify it. However, when water comes through supply pipes, certain unwanted chemical could get dissolved into water.

Industrial development and environmental degradation lead to misuse of water bodies and thereby contamination of water. According to an article in Water Technology, a high level of Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) was found in the water of many states in India in 2014. The water we drink is very much prone to carrying unwanted chemicals and hence it is imperative to filter it out. Nearly 21 percent of the diseases in our country are through water contamination or water related. Some of the common contaminants of drinking water include chlorine, arsenic, pesticides, heavy metals, industrial effluents etc. Considering these, the right questions to be asked are

  1. Can we ensure that drinking water is safe and pure always?
  2. Can we afford to take for health for granted?

Can boiling water completely purify water?

Boiling water seems to be the traditional method and widely adopted method to purify water. Boiling water certainly act as disinfectants and kill the germs. However, it is not the complete solution to purify water. While boiling water acts as a great disinfectant, it does not eliminate physical impurities like rust. Nor does it remove chemical and dissolved impurities. It needs an effective filtering mechanism. Hence the answer is No. It kills pathogens, but does not ensure water is safe and pure. Therefore, boiling water cannot be relied upon and we need an alternative to effectively purify water to reduce the toxic burden in our body.

Will water purifier ensure the drinking water is clean?

With advanced technologies in place, we have evolved to have different kind of water purifiers, the most common being UltraViolet (UV), Reverse Osmosis (RO) and UltraFiltration (UF) and combination of all these. These are the different types available in different brands which are covered in another article. There are of course, myths are floating around such as water purifier deprives water of its nutrients. Most of the people buy water purifiers without knowing the category it belongs. So, by choosing the right kind of water purifier based on the need, we can ensure the drinking water is pure and there by eliminating the chances of getting water borne diseases for the entire family.


Drinking water is prone to contain hazardous chemicals, let alone sediments. It is certainly harmful for our consumption. As we cannot ensure the water is pure always, We cannot afford to play with our health (and our family’s) just because we are ignorant to the reality. Boiling water can only kill pathogens but cannot eliminate chemical contaminants. Fresh, clean and pure drinking water is indispensable to prevent diseases. Water purifier can guarantee non-contaminated water with better assurance of purity. Therefore, in this era, water purifier has become a necessity rather than a luxury in our life!

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