Purification Technology

Livpure GLO has 6 stage purification process and it includes the combination of RO+UV+Mineralizer. This purifier is known for adding essential nutrients in the water through Mineralizer.  The purifier promises to provide pure and safe water which has TDS level upto 1500 PPM. The purifier involves six stages of purification through following filters: Sediment Filter, PreActivated Carbon filter cum absorber, RO membrane, UV disinfection column, silver impreganated post carbon filter and mineralizer.

Storage Capacity

The purifier has good enough storage capacity of 7L, which ensures continuous supply of pure water in the absence of electricity.


Livpure GLO is of electrical type and it has to be wall-mounted. The body material is made of  food grade plastic and it has elegant design. It is only available in white colour.

Water Wastage

Any RO purifier typically waste a lot of water. The water wastage in Livpure GLO depends on the TDS level of water. There is significant water wastage, which seems be the only concern in this purifier. The wasted water, however, can be used for other purposes like cleaning etc.

Purification capacity

Livpure GLO purifies water at the rate of  around 12L/hr.



  • Six stage purification through RO + UV + Mineralizer
  • Adds essential minerals through Mineralizer
  • Storage capacity of 7 Ltrs
  • Purification capacity of around 12 L per hour
  • Effective for water having TDS upto 1500 PPM
  • Value for money in RO+UV category


  • Water wastage

Expert review

There are good reasons that Livpure Glo is the one of the best sellers in RO+UV category. The purification technology guarantees safe water and it supports TDS level upto 1500 PPM. The addition of essential nutrients through mineralizer is definitely a value addition. The only concern seems to be water wastage. It comes in a low cost and hence we feel it is definitely a value-for-money purifier.

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