KENT Grand Plus RO Purifier – Review


Purification Technology

RO+UV+UF along with inbuilt TDS controller. The combination of other filters with RO purifier ensures 100 % purified water. It removes even dissolved impurities thereby making it 100% safe. Kent has patent on Mineral RO Technology which retains essential nutrients in the water with the help of TDS controller. It has four filter cartridges – Sediment, Carbon Block Filter, UF & Post Carbon.

Storage Capacity

Kent Grand plus provides storage capacity of 8L. It is good enough for the family to get pure water in the absence of electricity.


Kent Grand plus is of electrical and storage type and it has to be wall-mounted. The body material is made of ABS food grade plastic which is considered as one of the highlights of this purifier. It is only available in white colour. It has two alarm: Filter change alarm and UV fail alarm. The alarms definitely adds value that it enhances safety and convenience.

Water Wastage

Any RO purifier typically waste a lot of water. With water save technology in KENT, it is expected to save more than 50% of water. The wasted water, however, can be used for other purposes like cleaning etc.

Purification capacity

The purifier purifies water at the rate of 20L/hr.


It has Filter change alarm and UV fail alarm.


Kent Grand Plus is certified with WQA (USA & India) and NSA (USA).

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  • RO + UV + UF combination
  • TDS controller present
  • Retaining nutrients using Mineral RO Technology
  • Storage capacity of 8 Ltrs
  • purification capacity of 20L/hr
  • Suitable for all sources of water. Supports upto TDM level 2000 PPM.
  • UV Fail alarm and Filter change alarm
  • Certified by NSF & WQA
  • Best seller from Trusted brand – Kent


  • Maintenance cost

Expert review

Kent Grand plus is one of the best sellers for good number of reasons. The purification technology with the combination RO + UV + UF + TDS controller from the water purifier leader – Kent makes this purifier popular in this category. This purifier has also improved water wastage with water save technology. If the purifier is properly maintained and taken care, it can help in bringing down maintenance cost (which seems to be a little concern in this purifier). Kent Grand Plus is similar to other best seller from Kent – Kent ACE Mineral, but with slightly higher price and better performance.

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