HUL PureIT Classic RO+UV – Review


Purification Technology

PureIT classic has 6 stage purification process through RO+UV technology. The purifier promises to provide pure and safe water which has TDS level upto 1800 PPM. It has six filter cartridges – PP Melt Blown Pre-Sediment Filter, Pre-RO carbon filter, Post Carbon sediment filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Micro Filtration/UV Chamber and Post Carbon Filter.

Storage Capacity

The purifier has the storage capacity of 5L. It is decent enough in getting pure water for some time in the absence of electricity.


PureIT classic is of electrical type and it has to be wall-mounted. The body material is made of  food grade, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics. It is only available in white colour.

Water Wastage

Any RO purifier typically waste a lot of water. The water wastage in pureIT classic depends on the TDS level of water. Approximately, around 50 % water is wasted in the purification process. The wasted water, however, can be used for other purposes like cleaning etc.

Purification capacity

The purifier purifies water at the rate of 9-12L/hr.


It is certified from Environment Protection Agent, USA and it meets the Germ Kill protection standard.

Additional features

As per the PureIT testing analysis, the water tap is break-resistant. Also, the purifier has voltage fluctuation guard protecting purifier from voltage fluctuation in the range 100 Vac – 280Vac. It also has water level indicator.



  • Six stage purification through RO + UV
  • Storage capacity of 5 Ltrs.
  • Purification capacity of 9-12 L per hour
  • Effective for water having TDS upto 1800 PPM
  • Inexpensive in RO + UV category
  • Voltage Fluctuation guard
  • Certified by EPA


  • Water wastage

Expert review

PureIt classic is one of the popular RO+UV water purifiers. The purification technology guarantees safe water and supports water having TDS level upto 1800 PPM. The only complaint from the purifier seems to be water wastage. If the wasted water is used effectively for other things like gardening, PureIT classic turns out to be value for money in RO + UV category.

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