Purification Technology

Bluestar Majesto follows six stage purification process involving RO + UV along with ATB. The Uniqueness of this purifier is Aqua Taste booster (ATB), which enhances the taste of water and maintains optimum pH level of water. This purifier boasts double layered RO+UV protection and it ensures 100 % purified water. It has six types of filter – pre-filter, pre-carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, UV Lamp, post-carbon filter.

Storage Capacity

Bluestar Majesto provides storage capacity of 8L. It is good enough for the family to get continuous supply of pure water in the absence of electricity.


Bluestar Majesto is of electrical and storage type and  can be used as wall-mounted and Table Top. The body material is made of ABS food grade plastic. It is available in multiple colours. It has another feature child lock, to avoid wastage of water from tap.

Water Wastage

Any RO purifier typically waste a lot of water. The water wastage is around 50% and it seems to be comparately better than other RO purifiers. The wasted water, however, can be used for other purposes like cleaning etc.

Purification capacity

The purifier purifies water upto the rate of 12L/hr.



  • RO + UV combination
  • Aqua Taste booster to enhance taste and to maintain pH level
  • Storage capacity of 8 Ltrs
  • Purification capacity of 12L/hr
  • Supports upto TDS level of 2000
  • Can be used as TableTop or wall-mounted


  • Water wastage
  • No alarm for filter change

Expert review

BlueStar Majento is an established brand and known for quality appliances. This purifier has unique features like Aqua Taste booster and table top support. It can ensure pure water for even water having TDS level of 2000 PPM. It comes with elegant style. The only concern is the lack of alarm for filter change. Otherwise, Bluestar Majento, whose price range for being slightly on the lower end when compared to other RO + UV purifiers, makes it one of the popular choice.

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