Aquaguard Geneus RO Purifier – Review


Purification Technology

Aquaguard Geneus equips with three stage water purification process – RO, UV and UF technologies. This purifier boasts the functionality to automatically sense the water source and purify it to the optimum level. This Universal purifier guarantees 100% safe water for even water having TDS level upto 2000 PPM. The water purifier is unique in terms of its Biotron Technology which guarantees essential nutrients in water and there by healthy water.

Storage Capacity

Aquaguard Geneus provides storage capacity of 7L. It is good enough for the family to get pure water in the absence of electricity.


Aquaguard Geneus is of electrical and storage type and it has to be wall-mounted. The body material is made of ABS food grade plastic which is the most common in high standard purifiers. It has great aesthetics  with an LED Display to adjust purification process and to indicate water level in the storage tank.

Water Wastage

Any RO purifier typically waste a lot of water. The water wastage seems to be comparatively better. The wasted water, anyway, can be used for other purposes like cleaning etc.

Purification capacity

The purifier purifies water at the rate of 15L/hr.


 Aquaguard Geneus has the intelligent sensor to give warning if water purifier needs maintenance or any filter has to be replaced.  SMART Auto-fill is an another feature it boasts, which ensures automatic filling of water in the storage tank.



  • RO + UV + UF combination
  • Suitable for all sources of water. Supports upto TDM level 2000 PPM
  • Storage capacity of 7 Ltrs
  • Purification capacity of 15L/hr.
  • Intelligent sensor and LED display


  • Bit expensive
  • After sales service

Expert review

Aquaguard Geneus, with stunning design and intelligent sensors, is one of the top choices in RO+UV+UF combination. The purifier has other good features which match with other top purifiers. The purifier also boasts decent water wastage when compared with other top RO purifiers.

After sales service seems to be a concern in Aquaguard, If price (being on the higher end) is not a concern, then this purifier is definitely a top-notch one.

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